22 - 24 November 2018, Shanghai

Creative Pavilion

China leading trading platform dedicated to DIY and creative industry


In 2014, Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and DIY Industry Promotion Council of Shanghai Creative Industry Association jontly organised the DIY Zone at Paperworld China, attracting almost one hundred quality DIY companies showcasing at DIY Zone and over 20 thousands professional visitors. Drawing on successful cooperation, both parties will join hands again to develop the Creative Pavilion, which aims to become one of the premier leading events for the DIY industry in Asia.

Workshop and Display Area facilitate trade business

Creative Pavilion includes two section: Trade Area and Display Area - Creative Galleria. Experts from local and aboard will gather in Shanghai to show their talents on hobby and crafts.  

In addition, exhibitors organise workshops at their booth to demonstrate and introduce their products. It offers a better understanding on how to use latest products in the market.

Penetrating to various distribution channels

  • Professional dealers: Over 300 important distributors of stationery, gifts and specialty stores and their respective retailers (over 3,000) will visit the show. To name a few such as Miniso, Daiso from Japan, Baixin, Hlemet from Shanghai China, Huangwan from Shenzhen, JiNingKaiWen from Shandong, KiRoad, M&G stores, etc.
  • Complex department stores: Over 100 shopping malls and department stores in Shanghai will be invited such as Joy City, Eslite, K11.
  • Institutions: More than 100 education and training institutions, schools and kindergartens in Shanghai and surrounding areas will visit the show to investigate the latest education materials in artistic and DIY sectors.
  • Retailers: Professional buyers from more than 1000 creative retail shops including DIY workshop, Shanghai Tian Zi Fang, K11 and TIT Guangzhou.
  • E-commerce suppliers: E-commerce is one of the hottest distribution channels in China such as JD.com, YiHaoDian, Taobao, Staples will visit the fair upon invitation.
  • Bookstores and coffee shops: Social space is new form of retail business model. Over 1000 bookstores chain and coffee shop will visit the fair in merchandise sourcing.

Exhibit profile

  • ​Patchwork, tailoring, embroidery
  • Knitting, wool felt
  • DIY Jewelery, bead and knot
  • Origami, paper quilling, paper craft
  • Artist supplies and decorative art
  • Ceramic, soft clay
  • Model, figure, puzzle, 3D printing
  • Home decoration, horticulture
  • Wood work, leather work
  • Beauty, bakery, sweeties DIY
  • Children art, festive and wedding DIY, recycling DIY
  • Creative related service provider and media

Supporting media

Baidu Forum


DIY Industry Promotion Council