22 - 24 November 2018, Shanghai

Oriental Sense

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Oriental Sense is a special project under Paperworld China in promoting the integration of design and cultural symbols, techniques and elements of the East. It highlights traditional arts and workmanship in combining cultural and contemporary elements.

Oriental culture is drawing attentions in many different aspects in Asia and other markets. It has a rich content with various topics and diverse in different forms. It is a kind of art and part of living.

Cultural Industrialisation

Eastern culture does not just make us of the materials, but merging culture into the design. With the same materials, we can display a different exquisite feel from the western designers. We can reveal the eastern ingenuity to the whole world.

  • Design and manufacture: connecting designers from Taiwan, Japan and manufacturers to produce value-added merchandise with cultural elements;

  • Oriental lifestyle: promoting a new style for living and related merchandise through different channels such as cultural expo, travel, ZAKKA, etc;
  • Brand prenetration: riding on the network of Messe Frankfurt to raise brand awareness and prenetrate into different markets;

  • Quality of life: providing high quality designed merchandise to fulfil a rising demand of consumers.

Product groups

Cultural development enterprise, publisher, museum, interior design, F&B and hotel, advertising firm, visual art, industrial design, collectibles store


  • Designer's Products
  • Culturally designed products and licensing
  • Art of lifestyle
  • Design service
  • Intangible cultural heritage

Exhibitors' highlight

2016 exhibitors and visitors' comments

Ms Judy Lo, Creative Director, Pinyin Creative Inc

The results of attending Paperworld China are good, we are able to see the opportunities in China and the market development. Representatives from dealers, tea houses and inns came and enquired about our services and we have identified some potential customers.

Ms Hu, Nanjing Museum
Museum plays an important role in promoting traditional culture, however, we did not have such advantage in the Chinese market. We believed that through the cooperation between exhibition, designer and manufacturer, will encourage the development of cultural promotion.